Sunday, October 31, 2010

Speaker Profile: Wolfgang Hamann

Wolfgang Hamann is the President and CEO of Koolhaus Games Inc, producers of the record breaking Madden NFL 11 game for the Apple iPad, the first game on iTunes to top both the Games Chart and All Applications Chart. This represents only his most recent achievement, with an impressive production resume that includes work with both of EA's NCAA Football and NHL franchises, and the legendary Simpsons brand. Asked to speak at multiple GDC's along with gaming conferences in both Korea and Germany, Wolfgang is bringing a wealth of knowledge to his seminar at DIG 2010

Here's video of Madden 11 for the iPad in action

In his 40 minute Discussion, Wolfgang will be disclosing some of the joys and challenges of bringing an established franchise to a new hardware platform. Some of the topics will include

  1. Game Design - The challenges of improving on an already successful title 
  2. UI Design and Graphics - Bigger screen brings bigger concerns 
  3. Technology - Is the iPad just a souped up iPhone?
  4. Innovations - The process of bringing innvoative features to an established title on a new platform 
  5. New Features - Multiplayer and Vintage Voltage: Challenges in design, technology and QA
This is one you do not want to miss!
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