Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dark Incursion - Review

Dark Incursion is a 2D side scrolling game created by Big Blue Bubble a London ON developer.

The main character of the game is Anya an underground resistance fighter. The art style and the gameplay mechanics of the game remind me of games such as Metroid. The Dark Incursion has brought a much needed uplift to the graphics of such games. Many gamers have been wanting to play games such as Metroid and Castlevania on mobile devices and Dark Incursion delivers that gameplay style with great graphic designs.

In terms of game mechanics Anya the main character uses fuses which can be filled with an array of improvements. Which help you improve your range, defense, speed, and adding powers to your weapons. Dark Incursion makes the player use weapons in a very interesting way. The player must use the powers to open certain areas of the maps.

The controls of the game are a little finicky. The controls are a little sensitive and on occasion the inputs will lag, causing you to repeat that section once again. The game makes up for these issues by providing a very fun and addicting game.

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world. Pin It

Friday, December 2, 2011

DIG is looking for Reviewers

Are you interested in video games? Always in line to get the first copy of your favourite game? Always giving opinions to your friends about which games to buy?

Then you might be interested in this offer. DIG is looking for video game reviewers, gameplay/commentary creators, and montage creators. This is a volunteer position, but can provide great experience and get you started in your video game career. We will post the videos to our YouTube page and post the reviews to our blog. If you are someone interested in this field email us with what games you specialize in and play, and get started in creating those REVIEWS!!!

Contact us through email: Pin It

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reasons to attend DIG!!

There are many reasons to be at DIG, but here is our list of just a few Awesome Reasons for you to attend:

1.Newly added Web Developers Stream:

New to DIG 2011, the Web Developer stream connects web developers across all platforms for networking, knowledge sharing, and workshops on emerging trends and technologies. The Gamification of the Web is the theme we will be exploring in collaboration with some of Canada's leading online game developers including Antic Entertainment and many more.

2.Explode Code

Features a series of deeply technical presentations focused on practical applications in a variety of languages. Code samples and a hacker lab space provide the opportunity to apply new ideas and techniques and collaborate with other developers throughout the day


Hang out and play Canadian made games for console, PC, web, and handheld devices with the people who made them! DIGx is an interactive space for DIG delegates and video game fans to level and lounge.


The DIG Gala Dinner pulls together industry leaders in digital interactive media and complimentary sectors. Join executives, publishers, developers, technology service providers and digital interactive media industry leaders for our annual Gala Dinner. The keynote address will be by Volker Hirsch (Director Business Development RIM)

5.Big Blue Bubble Game Competition

Drop by the Big Blue Bubble Competition design booth at DIG 2011 to see the work in progress. The finished game design will be announced at the DIG Dinner on Wednesday, November 16th!


This is an industry party exclusive for those who purchase the full conference pass or by invite only. Host bar until mid-night, munchies, and entertainment provided.

7.Game Career Presentation

Join community high school students while they ask college, university, and industry leaders about the game industry and what it takes to begin a career in game development.


DIG and OMDC have organized a half-day intensive mini-MBA. Taking place on day two of DIG, the Mini MBA will provide seminars to equip Ontario’s independent game developers with practical business knowledge that they can immediately implement in their studios. Pin It

Monday, October 17, 2011

DIG in the news

DIG 2011 has been featured in a recent blog post on The post compares DIG to other gaming events and commends DIG on the unique business insight that is tied into the conference. The blog explains how DIG uses industry speakers to equip attendees with information on succeeding in the gaming industry.

This year’s conference will feature additional business support by offering a Mini MBA event combining workshops and presentations. Participants will receive practical business knowledge that they can immediately implement in their studios. Topics will include Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Systems, and Markets. is a comprehensive video games resource. The site covers news, reviews and exclusive features about the gaming industry.

The full article can be found here.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIG Sponsored Gaming Tournament

DIG is hosting a gaming tournament on Saturday August 6th from 6-9pm, in the Unlab at the Research Park. The tournament is a lead up event to the Digital Interactive Gaming Conference (DIG) in London, Ontario, held annually by the LEDC. This event will be a competition and a place for gamers to meet up, play some games and talk about gaming.

Anyone is invited to come in and participate.

You can find more details here: Pin It

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Antic Entertainment – Platoonz: A Review

Antic Entertainment has recently released a new game called Platoonz. The London, Ontario based company is known to make quirky and fun games for both the casual and hard-core gamer.

Their recent release, Platoonz, follows the same pattern, yet differentiates itself in game play and customization. The game takes the player on an adventure as a soldier building his force to combat evil. The mechanics of the game are very simple to follow; you must build your army and create new buildings to upgrade your force. The side scrolling game offers many different types of challenges from harder and stronger enemies as the game progresses, to always making you guess as to how many soldiers to make.

What’s great is that the game comes with a very in depth and easy to follow tutorial. The tutorial covers every aspect of the game’s mechanics and goes through a trial map to cover the game play.

Another fun fact: the dialogue in the game will make you chuckle and keep you very entertained. Platoonz is a an enjoyable game that’s easy to play. Just kick back and enjoy!

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world. Pin It

Friday, July 29, 2011

DIG Introduces web stream

DIG is introducing a new stream to its already stellar line up of content and speakers.

DIG 2011 will feature the web developer’s stream, inviting web developers, digital media specialists, and all content creators to participate.

Web development is an essential part of any business and organization. With an increasing amount of web development and web marketing companies setting up shop in London Ontario, it is an essential part of the city’s business world. There are many similarities between video game development and web development. Many similar philosophies can be used in both fields. DIG 2011 will provide a meeting ground for both video game and web developers.

DIG is also inviting those interested in these two streams of work to attend the conference. There will be workshops and a chance to network with folks who’ve already established careers in these fields.

Save the Date: DIG 2011, November 16/17 @ the London Convention Centre

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Pwnage 2

DIG was at Summer Pwnage 2 last night, an event hosted by the great people at The Games Day Podcast and Gamerpops.

We excitedly played some old retro games and participated in a Mario Tennis N64 competition. More importantly, we had the opportunity to interview Mathew Hoy from The Games Day Podcast

Check out the interview. Pin It

Big Blue Bubble: Burn The Rope

Big Blue Bubble Inc. announced yesterday that their massive hit game, Burn the Rope, is coming to WiiWare. With over 5 million downloads on the iPhone, Burn the Rope is sure to tear up the scene on Nintendo’s WiiWare download service.

Players can now enjoy the game from the comfort of their couches, and see the rope burn in high resolution graphics.

I recently had the chance to see the game first hand and experience the graphics and the gameplay. The video quality is amazing. Playing with unique controls, adapted into the Wii,the game handles smoothly and plays very well.

Burn the Ropeuses a tricky game play mechanic in that the fire only goes upwards. It is up to the player to move the rope using the nun chuck to keep the flame alive. As you move through the game you will encounter many different kinds of bugs each with their own style of powers. Some change the color of the flame while others shoot out string to aid you in reaching higher levels of the game.

Burn the Rope has the following features:
• Over 100 different levels
• Fun and addictive gameplay
• High resolution graphics
• Easy to jump in and play, yet still allowing he hard-core gamer competition
• Fun for gamers of all backgrounds

Burn the Rope was released in the North America today so download your copy now.

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world. Pin It

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Partnership Between Dark Horse and Bioware

Dark Horse comic book publisher announced that they will be publishing a new book, Mass Effect: Invasion, the latest installment in the comic book series. The graphic novel will be released on October 19. It will tie directly into Mass Effect 3, which will be released on March 6, 2012.

Mass Effect: Invasion is an upcoming four-issue comic mini-series that will follow Aria T'Loak, Pirate Queen of Omega as her station comes under attack from a new threat unleashed by the human-survivalist organization Cerberus.

The series will be written by BioWare lead writer Mac Walters, scripted by John Jackson Miller, and drawn by Omar Francia, with contributions from cover designer Massimo Carnevale. Mass Effect: Invasion will show why the planet of Omega is important, and how it is a large part of the game.

Invasion takes place between Mass Effect 2 and 3, bridging the gap between the two games.

Dark Horse also recently discussed the release of the Old Republic comic series, Lost Suns. This story follows two previously released Old-Republic comic books about a spy from the republic who is the son of a Jedi grandmaster, but not a Jedi himself.

The panel then began discussing the relationship between BioWare and Dark Horse. The two teams discussed how the relationship between them is autonomous yet they both have the ability to collaborate with each other. The panel, which took place at Comic-Con in San Diego, was comprised of Jeremy Atkins, public relations of Dark Horse and Dave Marshall BioWare editor.

Dark Horse said that the partnership has given the gaming community and the graphic novel community a place to join and collaborate together. It has opened more doors for both communities.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Resistance is taking their Battles to the Web

News from Comic-Con 2011: The developers of Resistance have decided to take their competition-based battles to the web with a strategy based game.

In a panel discussion that involved the developers discussing the past, present, and future of Resistance, the news of the hour was the move to a web based strategy game. In the new web-based game players will be able to choose sides between human and Chimera. The players will use common strategy elements and PVP battles to win a persistent battle online.

According to the team, Global Resistance will utilize a player’s Facebook and PlayStation account. Players will be able to utilize Facebook for friend invites and status updates and their PlayStation account for the actual playing of the game.

With this new implementation of online play, Resistance 3 will be able to reach a larger audience. This is just one way the team has shown how much they have grown from the first Resistance as a PlayStation launch title Pin It

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIG and Digifest Partnership

The DIG team is extremely excited to announce an amazing new partnership with Digifest.

Digifest, much like DIG, is a festival celebrating innovation and digital creativity. Digifest, coming out of Toronto, Ontario, is an annual event where emerging designers, technologists, and artists come together to show off their presentation and outstanding demos.

Digifest is a one stop shop for all your Digital Interactive needs. Digifest shows off everything from gaming, to the newest releases in technology. One of the biggest annual events in Toronto, Digifest has the ability to carry live streams and bring in amazing speakers at the head of their industry.

Offering prizes, challenging competitions, and the newest in technology, Digifest is a must see for all DIG lovers. Pin It

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slash and Burn Management Style not Favourable

Laura Fryer, VP and General Manager of WB games, is saying that “slash and burn” management styles are harming the industry.

Speaking at an industry session, Fryer compared the management styles of creative studios with that of farms. She stated that many studios will hire a team, make them work until they burn out, and then suddenly drop the team.

Fryer instead urged developers to keep their team well maintained and to allow the creative juices to flow freely. To complete the task, she urges developers to allow the team to function by itself, allowing them to work at their own pace. After all, every team is different, and works at its own pace.

Fryer also suggested that game developers hold a post-mortem at the end of a project and at the end of each milestone. This way they can spot problems that come up before the development of the game is complete, giving the designers enough time to fix the problem they have created.

After all of this, Fryer still recommends there be a timeline so that people are held accountable. But remember, the designers are still adults and should not be looked at like children. Management should not be standing over designers’ shoulders at all times.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paper Munchers - Review

Paper Munchers is a casual and very addicting game developed for the iPhone by Big Blue Bubble, based in London Ontario.

The objective of the game is to get the smaller monsters into the mouths of the bigger monsters. In order to complete the task the players must tap the screen which triggers a bomb and moves the monsters around the screen into the mouths of the bigger beasts. The bombs can be used at any time, even while the monsters are in flight. The munchers have a certain colour associated to them and if the player manages to get the same monster into the mouth of the muncher the player is awarded with an extra bomb. This comes in quite handy because each level only begins with three bombs.

There are two types of bombs that a player can use. One is permanent and is refreshed before every level. The player is given three of these. The other is temporary and can be purchased in game via in game credit or with real money.

The design of Paper Munchers is quite pleasing. The style is very playful and silly. The audio for the game is also very good. The munching effects created by the paper munchers always make me chuckle.

In my opinion Paper Munchers is a silly yet very entertaining game. You are sure to put many hours into this addicting game which has 75 levels. If you haven’t already, be sure to get the trial version of the game. Once hooked you will definitely want to purchase the actual game.

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world. Pin It

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Jobs Created in the Gaming Industry

Ontario is helping Gameloft Inc, a “leading international publisher and developer of downloadable video games” (Interactive Ontario), to open a foremost digital arts studio in Toronto. The new facility will be able to employ up to 205 individuals.

With the support of the province the company will be able leap in front of the competition in one of the fastest growing markets. With 300 games already available through Gameloft, the company will continue to create digital games designed specifically for mobile devices.

Partnering with business is a key part of the McGuinty government. The government plans to expand this industry and provide more jobs for Ontario families.

Ontario’s Interactive Digital media tax credit is attracting many game development businesses to Ontario. These tax credits were a major factor inin Gameloft choosing to locate itself in Ontario.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Junk Battles – Review

Junk Battles is built around RPG style game play. The creators have produced a unique system which incorporates quests and PVP battles, in a robot battle game. At first, I thought the game would be short and quick, with a racing and fighting style of game play. To my surprise, the game play was more like a RPG with similar MMORPG style tasks like tournaments and PVP battles.

In my opinion, game falls short on a few aspects. With repetitive music and graphics, Junk Battles needs to improve on its overall design.
The game battle style is more interesting; with timed attacks and customization the battles become more enjoyable. The added difficulty of measuring the amount of time for the weapon to be used adds an extra level of difficulty.

The game action stays pretty much the same, but with customization and new weapons Junk Battles keeps adding more levels and advancement.
In the end, the game is fun to play with the PVP battles and customization. If you are into RPGs and cars, I would suggest you try this game out.

About the Author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world. Pin It

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How To Choose an MMORPG?

Every gamer has played at least one MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). As a gamer myself, I have played many MMORPGs, putting in lots of time, and sometimes even getting a little addicted. It is the world of the game which traps a player and makes them want to play nonstop. The fact that the game actually never ends adds to the hours of gaming, not to mention, a lot of money spent on energy drinks.

In the online gaming world there are two routes a gamer can take: the F2P (free to play) MMORPG or the P2P (Pay to Play) MMORPG. There are a lot of really great F2P games, much better than the P2P games, but having a P2P adds the extra support of admins and GMs overseeing and making changes to the game on a consistent basis. Many MMO players jump from game to game constantly looking for a game that fits their style and has a community that they would like to join. I have come up with a list of things that might make it easier for gamers to choose a MMORPG that fits them just right.

Game Story

The story and content of a game are the main things that attract a gamer to an MMO. Make sure as a gamer you know what kind of player you are and what kind of stories you like. You can play a sci-fi game, a medieval style game, or a super-hero themed game, and the list goes on. You need to research does the story follow the gameplay and design you like. Also does the game have the content you want? Does it have PVP (Player vs. Player) and does it have raiding, or what is the levelling for your character like. These are things a player must consider before making a decision.


Once you have found a game with the story and content you like, now’s the time to look at game mechanics. This part requires a lot of research. Yes games do require research to be done by the gamer. A player should look at how a game balances while you are trying to play it. Is it very unbalanced, meaning that a certain class dominates and can win the PVE and PVP battles? Is everyone in the game going after the same health and manna points and armour or do you have variety to choose whether to be pure strength or pure magic or a hybrid and still have a chance to build a strong character. A game should have balanced characters and builds so not to have an unfair advantage for a certain class.


Be sure to select a game which has a design that is appealing to you and can run on your computer. Many games look amazing and are visually appealing but will not play on your computer. A person should always look at if the game is something they can stare at for hours on end and if it’s playable on their PC.


As a player you need to know that you will be investing a lot of time into the game. I am talking about grinding (not on the dance floor) through a game to level your character. Some MMOs have a very long and arduous grinding process. They all make it seem easy at the beginning where it can take a day or less to get to LVL 50, but once you hit a certain mark, it can take 5 days to go up one level. This gets very aggravating. If you are a person who feels accomplished after reaching a higher level after 5 days (like me) then pick a game that will allow you to have that sense of accomplishment.


As you are playing the game it makes it easier to go through the long and hard process by identifying yourself with your character. If you buy the certain style of gear to make the type of character you like, it makes it a lot easier for you as the player to continue playing and having fun. Many games have introduced class and job platforms where a player can be a rogue and a craftsman. These sorts of things add extra excitement to the game.

All in all, research before you pick which game to play, and make sure you have the time to play it. While you may try not to get addicted to the game, it happens to the best of us. Pin It

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playstation Hack - Might Have Helped

The PlayStation Network is fully functioning for everyone in all parts of the world. But with this past attack, PlayStation was hit quite hard. Sony has been trying everything to get back customers who lost faith in their security. As a result, they introduced the “Welcome Back” package for their customers. It includes 4 video game titles for the PS3 (Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Dead Nation and WipeOut).

However, the hack on Sony may have done more good than bad. According to the EEDAR, all four “Welcome Back” titles were in the top 25 of consumer reported title acquisitions in June 2011. Moreover 17% of IGN users indicated they acquired a PSN digital account in June 2011 which is up from 13% before the system hack. Not only has this increased PSN digital accounts, but the program also boosted the sales of PS3 games in general.

PlayStation’s share among the next generation console has also increased to 44% from 40%.

Ultimately, the hack is showing to be a good thing for Sony, increasing the amount of ownership in households.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Batman Arkham City - Preview

Batman Arkham City is the sequel to the number 1 rated game of the year: Batman Arkham Asylum.

The story of Arkham City takes place 1 year after Arkham Asylum. Quincy Sharp has taken credit for stopping Joker and has made himself mayor of Gotham. Since the prison and the asylum are not in functioning condition he has bought out a part of Gotham city to house the thugs. Hugo Strange a psychiatrist is given the opportunity to oversee the city but seems to have his own agenda. Batman as usual is worried about the city’s situation getting out of hand.

The release of Batman Arkham City is dark, quite similar to the animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The game carries all of the darkness and action associated with the original Batman franchise.

Arkham City will feature the same style of action adventure game play as its predecessor. The gamer will be able to play both Catwoman and Batman. Catwoman will have a more acrobatic style of game play while Batman’s fighting techniques will remain as in Batman Arkham Asylum.

I have been looking forward to this game for a very long time. Both Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Asylum provide die-hard fans with a fresh outlook on the Batman series.

About the Author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world. Pin It

Friday, July 8, 2011

Call Of Duty’s 1 Million Dollar Tournament

Call of Duty will be holding a hefty tournament with a top prize of 1 million dollars an opportunity for the greatest teams to showcase their talent. Not only that, but the event will also showcase footage of Modern Warfare 3, the new upcoming game in the Modern Warfare franchise.

Call of Duty XP is the largest event ever to be held for the franchise. The two day event over the Labour Day long weekend will host a live video of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and allow for attendees to get their hands dirty with the Spec Ops multiplayer. The tournament will also feature Call of Duty Elite, the new online service built only for Call of Duty.

Perhaps the greatest draw of the tournament will be a gaming competition with the grand prize of one million dollars.

The tournament will be a 32-team, single elimination bracket competition with 4 players per team. Teams will have options to qualify for the event prior to the competition and will also have a chance to qualify at the actual event itself.

For more information and to register go to and follow the directions.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Darkness 2 - from comic to game

The Darkness, a lucrative comic franchise, is now being turned into a game franchise. No longer are comic book franchises left just for the movie industry alone, the gaming world is also taking a piece of the pie.

Digital Extremes, a London, Ontario based company is creating the game which will be published by 2K games. Digital Extremes is mimicking the art design of the comic, staying true to the design features, while also adding a few fantasy elements.

The sequel to the first Darkness game takes place two years after the events of the first game. The developers are using elements true to the story of the comic book, with creators of the game making few adjustments to the adaptation.

Due to the complicated design features of the characters in the original graphic novel series, the developers are changing the style and look of the character. This makes it a little easier for the outside audience not familiar with the comic book to get accustomed to the story.

After the release of The Darkness sales for the comic also increased dramatically. And publishers are hoping the same will happen after the release of The Darkness 2.

With this increase in sales many comic books will be looking to go into the gaming industry and take their own books into video games.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Blue Bubble's Burn the Rope iPhone Reaches #1 in more than 60 Countries and Paper Munchers is Released on iTunes

Burn the Rope iPhone reached #1 free app in more than 60 countries, generating more than two million downloads in 48 hours.

Plus, the Paper Munchers are here and they're hungry! And it's up to you to make sure they get fed!

Use the explosive power of your touch to match deliciously cute monsters with the ferocious mouths of the Paper Munchers. Paper Munchers gives you an arsenal of bombs to launch those delicious monsters into the jaws of the malicious maws!

Explode your way through five worlds and 75 levels of munching mayhem! Paper Munchers is packed full of explosive physics, unique characters, and 5 Worlds with a whole feast of new content to come!

It's a monster eat monster world!

• 75 explosive levels with more on the way!
• 5 Beautiful Paper Craft Worlds of nom nom nomming!
• Tight physics based gameplay!
• Game Center Achievements!
• Tons of explosions and carnivorous action! Pin It

Friday, June 17, 2011

Active Gaming Alternatives Exhibit Healthy Potential

Lawson Researchers Examine Active Video Games for Childhood Obesity Prevention

17% of children ages 2-19 are affected by youth obesity. The rate has quadrupled since the 1980s. What’s more, the repercussions are frightening: hypertension, type II diabetes, fatty liver disease, and a host of other “adult” illnesses are now emerging in children.

With research suggesting that 83% of American youth have a t least one gaming console in their bedroom, many attribute these growing risks and growing waistlines to the popularity of screen-based activities.

However, I-THINK researchers at Lawson Hleath Research Institute are now suggesting video games may provide a strong platform to promote youth physical activity and nutrition.

With the emergence of games like Dance-Dance-Revolution and the Wii system, gaming entertainment has shifted towards more active alternatives, and the I-THINK team members believe this growing popularity may be leveraged to target obesity prevention and self-care.

To determine the healthy potential, researchers at I-THINK conducted a systematic literature review of active video games. Between 1998 and 2011, they identified a total of 34 studies across two categories: physically active video games, or “exergames,” and interactive video games that don’t necessarily include a physical activity component.

Although the metrics used in each study were different, the I-THINK team consistently noted that children playing active video games experienced a light to moderate increase in physical activity. Increases in exercise expenditure, heart rate, and step counts were also noted, as well as decreases in waist size, weight, and BMI. Pin It

Friday, April 15, 2011

Digital Extremes to Receive $2.5 million Grant from the Province

London's Digital Extremes will receive a $2.5 million grant from the Province of Ontario.

The grant will allow the London-based video game studio to create 30 new jobs and protect 53 existing jobs, with more than 150 people currently working at the studio.

Digital Extremes is developing a "3D Evolution Game Engine," that automates programming work required to create a new 3D video game. The technology will reduce the time and cost involved in bringing new games to market.

"We believe the 3D Evolution Game Engine we're developing here in London will provide an enhanced platform allowing other video game developers to fully leverage the creative talents of their team. This investment signals an exciting new phase for our company," Michael Schmalz, President, Digital Extremes. Pin It

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

London’s Digital Extremes Celebrates Launch of Homefront

See full size image

London video game developer, Digital Extremes, launched its new PC game, Homefront, with a party held at 29 Park on Talbot St., last week.

Homefront is a first person shooter video game with a narrative that allows players to walk in the shoes of resistance fighters in 2027 America, who are trying to topple the Greater Korean Republic occupation of the United States of America.

THQ Inc. hired Digital Extremes to bring Homefront to the PC platform in the best form possible.

375,000 copies of the military-themed video game were sold on the first day of sales in North America.

Frank De Lise, executive producer at THQ, commented that “PC players will be able to set up and host Homefront dedicated servers and enjoy additional community features including clan support. We believe the core PC first-person-shooter fan will really appreciate these features, which are becoming increasingly rare.”

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Canada’s Digital Media Opportunities Touted at GDC San Francisco

International entertainment companies are flocking to Ontario’s collaboratively linked technology regions of London, Toronto, Waterloo Region, Niagara and Ottawa. At the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, executives from Ontario's talent-rich tech cities promoted Canada’s “pixel-perfect business conditions” for expanding digital media companies.

With 22 universities and colleges pumping out more than 18,000 graduates per year, Ontario’s Technology Corridor (OTC) has a deep talent pool to draw from. Graduates come from 174 specialized digital media programs including 3D animation, film studies, advanced computer programming, math, and hardware engineering.

Canada pushed past the UK last year as the world’s third largest centre for videogame development talent, in part because of Ontario’s deep talent pool and targeted tax incentives.

Ontario’s fast-growing entertainment and creative cluster produces $15 billion in revenue and over 200,000 jobs, contributing $12.7 billion to the province’s GDP.

Ontario's Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is the central catalyst for the province's cultural media cluster - to date the OMDC IDM Fund has contributed $7.7 million to support 76 projects with budgets totalling $32.7 million - and continues to offer the following incentives, including:

• Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit -- refunds 35-40 per cent of eligible production costs

• Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit -- refunds 20 per cent of labour costs

• OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund -- up to $150,000 in project production funding, up to a maximum of 50% of the project budget. So far in 2011, the OMDC has announced $2.0 million in funding support. Pin It

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Blue Bubble Nominated for Three Canadian Video Game Awards

Big Blue Bubble 's Burn The Rope (released in December, 2010) has been nominated for three Canadian Video Game Awards: Best Game on the Go,  Best Game Design and Best Visual Arts.

The hugely popular iOS game Burn The Rope is a gravity-based puzzle that requires players to burn ropes in different entanglements. The catch is ropes can only burn upwards. This leaves gamers tilting and turning to keep the flame alive.

With over 60 high profile games in its portfolio, Big Blue Bubble is one of Canada’s leading video game developers. Each of the company’s three divisions (Mobile, Console and Casual) is dedicated to making the best possible games by combining innovative designers with top calibre artists and industry leading programmers.

Big Blue Bubble is a midsized employer and a key player in London's digital media sector. 

Description: In Burn The Rope users have the freedom to set fire without any fire hazard or need for a fire extinguisher. The game involves a mix of strategic planning, thinking ahead, coordination and the ability to stay in deep focus. Users have to feed the fire and burn as much rope as they can in each level to progress.

The challenge is that fire only burns upwards, leaving players to tilt and turn their iPhones to keep the flame alive.

The game features 80 devilishly tricky levels with polished graphics and mesmerizing fire effects. Bugs that crawl along the rope spice things up demonstrating different reactions to the flame from level to level. Ants change the colour of the flame so that users could burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge providing access to the parts of the level that were beyond players’ reach before.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

London's Antic Entertainment Awarded $1 Million in Development Funding

London’s Antic Entertainment will share more than $1 million in development funding with one2tribe, a Polish development studio, from Nexon America’s Nexon iNitiative. The funding will be used to create new games for Nexon’s worldwide publishing network.

The Nexon iNitiative is a million dollar program started in the spring of 2010 to identify and fund new and innovative video game projects. The program received 115 submissions from developers in 26 countries. After reviewing all submissions, Antic Entertainment and one2tribe were selected as recipients of development funding from the Nexon iNitiative.

Antic Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Fredrik Liljegren, Mark Mikulec and Jeff Evans. Antic Entertainment specializes in developing and publishing casual games for core gamers and will be developing an unannounced social media game for Nexon.

"We're honoured to be collaborating with one of the gaming heavy weights of the world," said Mikulec, co-founder and technical director of Antic Entertainment. "Most people don't know that Nexon invented the business model that most social games use today. Combined with Antic's AAA development experience, we are working together on a title that is truly unique in the social gaming space. I can't wait for people to play it." Pin It

Thursday, January 20, 2011

LEDC to Represent London DIG Industry at Digital North Seminar

The London Economic Development Corporation’s (LEDC) Larry MacKinnon, Director of Business Development, Technology, will represent London’s DIG industry at the upcoming “Digital North – Creative Opportunities in Canada” seminar on Thursday, January 27th.

Hosted by the Consulate General of New York, the seminar and networking reception has been designed to strengthen ties between the digital media industry in the New York metro area and Canada.

"The LEDC is excited for the opportunity to represent London's DIG community at the Digital North seminar," said MacKinnon. "We have successfully worked with the Consulate General of New York in the past."

The Digital North seminar will showcase Canadian talent, opportunities and partnerships to New York metro area digital media executives. The one-hour seminar will highlight the differences and parallels between Canada and the Untied States’ digital media environment. The event will also include an overview of Canadian tax incentives and government programs available to companies with international expansion plans.

Industry executives will be given a platform to network and build their cross-border contacts at the reception following the seminar. MacKinnon will be present, pitching opportunities for growth and investment in our city.

“The objectives of the seminar are to create links between Canada and the United States’ industry and to create inward investment opportunities for the Canadian market”, said Karen Kennedy, Consul and Head of Investment at the Canadian Consulate, New York. “Information exchanges and networking forums like the Digital North seminar are excellent ways for U.S. and Canadian companies to interact and explore potential partnerships and opportunities.”

The program caters to companies in the digital media industry ranging from gaming software to animation and post-production film and special effects companies. The content of the seminar will focus on industry-centric topics as well as business information relevant to the digital media industry sector. Some of the featured speakers include Richard Bendis of Innovation America, Tracey Jennings of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ricardo Curtis, founder and president of both House of Cool Studios and Red Rover, and Jason Altman of Ubisoft and Longtail Studios. Pin It

Friday, January 14, 2011

London’s Big Blue Bubble to Develop for Nintendo 3DS

London video game developer Big Blue Bubble is bursting onto the 3-D scene. Big Blue Bubble will develop two new titles for the much anticipated Nintendo 3DS. The company’s recent launch Burn the Rope, currently sitting at the number two spot in the US and Canadian App Store, will be one, as well as an unnamed hack and slash style game, which is currently in production.

The hugely popular iOS game Burn the Rope is a gravity-based puzzle that requires players to burn ropes in different entanglements. The catch is ropes can only burn upwards. This leaves gamers tilting and turning to keep the flame alive.

“The game involves a mix of strategic planning, thinking ahead, coordination and the ability to stay in deep focus,” explains founder and CEO Damir Slogar. “… It will be on Nintendo 3DS and next generational virtual consoles by the end of 2011.”

The yet unnamed hack and slash game with side-scrolling is set to take place in an alternate reality amid an industrial revolution and a world war, in the late 1800’s.

With over 60 high profile games in its portfolio, Big Blue Bubble Inc. is one of Canada’s leading video game developers. Each of the company’s three divisions (Mobile, Console and Casual) is dedicated to making the best possible games by combining innovative designers with top caliber artists and industry leading programmers.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Student-2-Business: Connect with London's Digital Interactive Gaming Community

The 4th Annual Student-2-Business Networking Conference, taking place Thursday, January 27th, will connect emerging talent with London’s business community and professionals from seven leading industries. 

With the digital interactive gaming industry continuing to prosper and grow in London, the importance of talent retention and atrraction is paramount. As a thriving business sector, it is imperative that the game development community come out and support such an event.

The goal of the conference is to engage highly skilled students from the University of Western Ontario, Fanshawe College and surrounding professional schools so graduates consider London as a place to live and work.

Each year during convocation over 13,000 students graduate from post-secondary institutions in London.  These students have spent a minimum of three years in the Forest City. Some are looking forward to starting their careers around the globe, but many would welcome the opportunity to begin their careers right here.   

DIG plays a vital role in helping our students build networks and make personal and business connections here in London.

This is not a job fair, it is an opportunity to meet the best and the brighest from top educational institutions, but we won't stop you from scouting for talent if that is what you want to do! 

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