Thursday, January 20, 2011

LEDC to Represent London DIG Industry at Digital North Seminar

The London Economic Development Corporation’s (LEDC) Larry MacKinnon, Director of Business Development, Technology, will represent London’s DIG industry at the upcoming “Digital North – Creative Opportunities in Canada” seminar on Thursday, January 27th.

Hosted by the Consulate General of New York, the seminar and networking reception has been designed to strengthen ties between the digital media industry in the New York metro area and Canada.

"The LEDC is excited for the opportunity to represent London's DIG community at the Digital North seminar," said MacKinnon. "We have successfully worked with the Consulate General of New York in the past."

The Digital North seminar will showcase Canadian talent, opportunities and partnerships to New York metro area digital media executives. The one-hour seminar will highlight the differences and parallels between Canada and the Untied States’ digital media environment. The event will also include an overview of Canadian tax incentives and government programs available to companies with international expansion plans.

Industry executives will be given a platform to network and build their cross-border contacts at the reception following the seminar. MacKinnon will be present, pitching opportunities for growth and investment in our city.

“The objectives of the seminar are to create links between Canada and the United States’ industry and to create inward investment opportunities for the Canadian market”, said Karen Kennedy, Consul and Head of Investment at the Canadian Consulate, New York. “Information exchanges and networking forums like the Digital North seminar are excellent ways for U.S. and Canadian companies to interact and explore potential partnerships and opportunities.”

The program caters to companies in the digital media industry ranging from gaming software to animation and post-production film and special effects companies. The content of the seminar will focus on industry-centric topics as well as business information relevant to the digital media industry sector. Some of the featured speakers include Richard Bendis of Innovation America, Tracey Jennings of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ricardo Curtis, founder and president of both House of Cool Studios and Red Rover, and Jason Altman of Ubisoft and Longtail Studios. Pin It

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