Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gaming Events in London Ontario

Gaming Events in London Ontario

London Ontario has a growing and strong gaming community. London has a very large student base which is very interested in gaming and interest in the industry. 

London is a great place for them to get started because there is also a very large industry base in London. 

Companies like Digital Extremes, Big Blue Bubble and Antic entertainment just to name a few. 

These companies provide show the practical and business side of development. Gaming has grown substantially all over the world, but has had a very big impact in London Ontario.

If you are interested in looking more towards community initiatives outlined below are some of the amazing initiatives to grow the gaming community. 

DIG (Digital Interactive Gaming)

The Digital Interactive Game and Web Conference (DIG) provides a forum for Canada’s leading game developers, web developers, publishers, technology companies, and service providers to connect, learn, and share ideas.

We feature keynote addresses from iconic brands, thoughtful panel discussions, some new ideas and a great networking venue.
Hello My Game Is

Hello My Game Is events are about building London’s gaming community, bringing people together to celebrate a mutual love of video games. The goals for Hello My Game Is are:
  • To create a gaming culture in London, connecting the industry, students and fans of video games on a social level
  • To create a opportunity for small and independent game developers to showcase their games and get feedback
  • To give the industry better exposure to students and emerging talent

Summer Pwnage

Instead of reading why not watch a YouTube video to see what Summer Pwnage is about. Interviewee Mathew Hoy. 

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