Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello My Game Is: Event

Hello My Game Is, is a great initiative by the gaming community of London, ON which brings together the developers and general public. With great keynote speaker from Digital Extremes, Big Blue Bubble, Antic Entertainment and Big Viking Games, you know it will be a great show. The details of the event are listed below including the website. 

The goals for Hello My Game Is are:

  • To create a gaming culture in London, connecting the industry, students and fans of video games on a social level
  • To create a opportunity for small and independent game developers to showcase their games and get feedback
  • To give the industry better exposure to students and emerging talents
  • To achieve those goals, we’re starting with a series of evening events. Each event will feature a 15-20 minute keynote presentation, followed by five minute slots for anyone to speak about anything gaming-related, from favorite memories to games they are developing and everything in between.

That will be followed up the chance for people to play games, showcase their own games or apps, learn more about careers in the industry, or just chat with like-minded Londoners.

Hello My Game Is is presented in partnership by GamerPops, Games Day Podcast and TechAlliance.

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