Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dark Incursion - Review

Dark Incursion is a 2D side scrolling game created by Big Blue Bubble a London ON developer.

The main character of the game is Anya an underground resistance fighter. The art style and the gameplay mechanics of the game remind me of games such as Metroid. The Dark Incursion has brought a much needed uplift to the graphics of such games. Many gamers have been wanting to play games such as Metroid and Castlevania on mobile devices and Dark Incursion delivers that gameplay style with great graphic designs.

In terms of game mechanics Anya the main character uses fuses which can be filled with an array of improvements. Which help you improve your range, defense, speed, and adding powers to your weapons. Dark Incursion makes the player use weapons in a very interesting way. The player must use the powers to open certain areas of the maps.

The controls of the game are a little finicky. The controls are a little sensitive and on occasion the inputs will lag, causing you to repeat that section once again. The game makes up for these issues by providing a very fun and addicting game.

About the author: Vikas Sharma is a video game fanatic, always looking for the next big thing in the gaming industry. A fan of gaming ever since SNES to the next gen consoles, Vikas is a member of the DIG 2011 team. Vikas enjoys different styles of game play and games and is excited by the amount of progress he sees happening in the gaming world. Pin It

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