Friday, June 22, 2012

Big Blue Bubble Releases 100th Game - I, Oracle 

Big Blue Bubble Inc. have released I, Oracle, the latest game from the makers of Burn the Rope, is now available for your iOS and Android devices.
I, Oracle is an unique trivia game where the player answers questions on a daily basis but there’s a catch… the questions are about future events! Guess who’s going to win the Super Bowl, who’s going to be the next president or who will be voted off your favorite show! The more followers you bet the more you gain!
In the world of I, Oracle there are little people, let’s call them “followers”. Your followers come up to you with questions and, if answered correctly, you gain even more followers! Come back later to see the correct answers and to beat your friends on the weekly and monthly leaderboards.
If you’re not sure about an answer, you can ask for help through one of two lifelines. Take your pick between the answers of every user or just the answers of I, Oracle experts! Remember though, the future is unknown; the answers are not guaranteed to be correct!
Questions are divided into different categories, but they are all related to North American pop culture, locations and events.
You can also decorate your I, Oracle world with plants that give you free rubies and increase the amount of followers you can have at one time. Be one of the first to try out this ground-breaking new trivia game!
  • New questions every day!
  • Lifelines that help you pick the right answer!
  • Submit your own questions for prestige and free rubies!
  • Weekly and monthly leaderboards!
  • Decorate your world with bizarrely beautiful plants!
I, Oracle is Big Blue Bubble’s 100th game and first one released this year! Big Blue Bubble is on a schedule to release 14 new games by the end of the year.
I, Oracle is FREE to play and available on iTunes , Google Play and various Android app stores.

This post is taken from Big Blue Bubble  
Big Blue Bubble is a Game Development company located in London Ontario Canada, and produces video games for a variety of platforms. 

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