Friday, February 4, 2011

London's Antic Entertainment Awarded $1 Million in Development Funding

London’s Antic Entertainment will share more than $1 million in development funding with one2tribe, a Polish development studio, from Nexon America’s Nexon iNitiative. The funding will be used to create new games for Nexon’s worldwide publishing network.

The Nexon iNitiative is a million dollar program started in the spring of 2010 to identify and fund new and innovative video game projects. The program received 115 submissions from developers in 26 countries. After reviewing all submissions, Antic Entertainment and one2tribe were selected as recipients of development funding from the Nexon iNitiative.

Antic Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Fredrik Liljegren, Mark Mikulec and Jeff Evans. Antic Entertainment specializes in developing and publishing casual games for core gamers and will be developing an unannounced social media game for Nexon.

"We're honoured to be collaborating with one of the gaming heavy weights of the world," said Mikulec, co-founder and technical director of Antic Entertainment. "Most people don't know that Nexon invented the business model that most social games use today. Combined with Antic's AAA development experience, we are working together on a title that is truly unique in the social gaming space. I can't wait for people to play it." Pin It

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