Monday, July 18, 2011

New Jobs Created in the Gaming Industry

Ontario is helping Gameloft Inc, a “leading international publisher and developer of downloadable video games” (Interactive Ontario), to open a foremost digital arts studio in Toronto. The new facility will be able to employ up to 205 individuals.

With the support of the province the company will be able leap in front of the competition in one of the fastest growing markets. With 300 games already available through Gameloft, the company will continue to create digital games designed specifically for mobile devices.

Partnering with business is a key part of the McGuinty government. The government plans to expand this industry and provide more jobs for Ontario families.

Ontario’s Interactive Digital media tax credit is attracting many game development businesses to Ontario. These tax credits were a major factor inin Gameloft choosing to locate itself in Ontario.

Source: Interactive Ontario Pin It

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