Thursday, July 7, 2011

Darkness 2 - from comic to game

The Darkness, a lucrative comic franchise, is now being turned into a game franchise. No longer are comic book franchises left just for the movie industry alone, the gaming world is also taking a piece of the pie.

Digital Extremes, a London, Ontario based company is creating the game which will be published by 2K games. Digital Extremes is mimicking the art design of the comic, staying true to the design features, while also adding a few fantasy elements.

The sequel to the first Darkness game takes place two years after the events of the first game. The developers are using elements true to the story of the comic book, with creators of the game making few adjustments to the adaptation.

Due to the complicated design features of the characters in the original graphic novel series, the developers are changing the style and look of the character. This makes it a little easier for the outside audience not familiar with the comic book to get accustomed to the story.

After the release of The Darkness sales for the comic also increased dramatically. And publishers are hoping the same will happen after the release of The Darkness 2.

With this increase in sales many comic books will be looking to go into the gaming industry and take their own books into video games.

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