Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[SPEAKER] Mark Mikulec Teaches You How to Master AWS

Name: Mark Mikulec

Company: Mikutech Consulting 

Bio: With a technical career spanning 15 years, Mark has been an entrepreneur, a programmer, and everything in between. He has won two business plan competitions with both previous companies he’s founded, one of them being London’s own Antic Entertainment. 

As a programmer, he’s helped shape titles such as Dark Sector and Bioshock at Digital Extremes, architected, implemented and scaled browser games in the AWS cloud, such as Junk Wars and Zombie Misfits

Mark also teaches game network programming at Fanshawe College’s Advanced Game Programming Post-Graduate Program. He now provides his technical expertise via his firm, Mikutech Consulting.

Twitter: @bluntcoder
 2:15pm – 3:30pm Salon E

TOPIC: Forget Falcor: Be a Master of the cloud with Amazon Web Services

Let Mark to take you on a wondrous journey through the fantastical lands of AWS, the world's leading cloud services provider. We will explore EC2, RDS, SES, Cloudfront, S3, Route 53, Cloudwatch and several more amazing services. There is no nothing to fear. 

Whether you’re deploying games, mobile apps or simply trying to crunch some numbers, AWS gives you the power to create, manage and control computing power up in the cloud – and we’ll be doing it live! 

Flying wiener dogs made of cotton candy just won't cut it in the 21st century.

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[SPEAKERS] IES Group's Angie MacIvor & Gary Manning on Pinterest in London ON

Name: Angie MacIvor

Bio: Angie is a leading product marketer and technology evangelist with 18 years of experience selling cutting edge solutions internationally.

2:15pm – 3:30pm Salon D


Name: Gary Manning 

Bio: Gary is a passionate innovator with a strong entrepreneurial edge, known for his ability to help clients achieve their goals through technology.
Session description: 

Twitter: @Garymanning77

Company name: IES Group
Website: www.iesgroup.ca 
2:15pm – 3:30pm Salon D


TOPIC:  Taking a Pinterest-Like Application to Market from London  

A journey through the creation and launch of a new global web and mobile application, leveraging design paradigms from Pinterest, then going further. 

Angie and Gary will talk about the innovative use of geo-location, application monetization, having creative and technical skill sets under one roof, and how one can do it all from London.
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[KEYNOTE] Ken Thain Discusses Story Perspective in Game Dev

Name: Ken Thain

Organization: BioWare

Title: Narrative Director

Bio: Narrative Director at BioWare Montreal, Ken is responsible for story design and presentation. Ken is the Lead Cinematic Designer on Mass Effect, DragonAge, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Twitter: @KenThain

Email:  ken@bioware.com

4:30 - 5:00pm Main Plenary

TOPIC: Understanding Story Perspective in Game Design

As the fidelity of game experiences increases across all aspects of game design, story is a critical piece of the puzzle that allows developers to increase player engagement, weave the gameplay experience together, and create deep emotional connections to content. 

This session will explore story design fundamentals in BioWare games, such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, and how these fundamentals can be used in consideration of story perspective in any game design project.

 From Montreal, DIG is pleased to bring you 
Ken Thain, of BioWare! 

Catch his keynote address before tuning in to London's Carmi Levy. Inter Mingle Reception to follow these fantastic keynotes.

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[KEYNOTE] Mike Laidlaw, of BioWare, Breaks Down "The Artificial Divide"

Name: Mike Laidlaw

Organization: BioWare

Bio: Starting in the industry as a reviewer in 2000, Mike joined BioWare in 2003. After working on Jade Empire and Mass Effect, he moved to the Dragon Age series.

Twitter: @Mike_Laidlaw 

 4:00pm - 4:30pm Main Plenary

TOPIC: Freedom vs. Narrative – The Artificial Divide

Player agency is one of the defining features of “gaming” as a medium. This session explores how we as creators can adapt storytelling so that it not only survives, but actually prospers, in the hands of our players.

 Mike is coming to DIG all the way from Edmonton- don't disappoint him! 

Attend DIG to take in this session, as well as others offered by some of the industry's top contributors. We promise you won't regret it.
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[SPEAKER] VP of Architecture, Autodata's Hans Otten Talks Game Development for Business

Name: Hans Otten

Organization: Autodata Solutions

Title: VP Architecture

Bio: Technology innovator, designer, and evangelist for Autodata Solutions.

Web : www.autodata.net

Twitter: @autodata

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/haotten

1:00pm – 2:15pm Salon D

TOPIC: Bringing Game Development to the Business Enterprise

By using use cases from the automotive industry, we will demonstrate the need for game design and development to drive business solutions at an enterprise scale.

We mean business; because it's more than just games at DIG.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

[SESSION] Introduction to 2D Lawn Care with ResIM

Name: Andrew Procter

Bio: A graduate of the Advanced Multimedia Design and Production program at Fanshawe College, Andrew is hybrid web/iOS developer and interface designer working from ResIM's Toronto office. While at ResIM Andrew has produced web and mobile work for clients including 3M Canada and Samsonite Canada. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys golf, rock climbing, long walks on the beach, and having his Twitter account hacked on airport wifi networks.

Name: Geoff Villeneuve

Bio: A native of sunny Paisley Ontario, Geoff is a graduate of the Advanced Multimedia Design and Production program at Fanshawe College. As a web and iOS developer at ResIM Toronto Geoff has contributed significantly to major application development projects while supporting large SaaS properties built by ResIM. A comparative lightweight when it comes to adult beverages, Geoff enjoys the outdoors, playing the guitar, and making fun of Andrew when his Twitter account is hacked on airport wifi networks.

Resolution Interactive Media
  1:00pm – 2:15pm Salon E

TOPIC: Introduction to 2D Lawn Care

Join ResIM developers Andrew Procter and Geoff Villeneuve as they highlight their iOS development experience through Lawn Boy; a game the duo have recently completed. As hybrid iOS/web developers, Andrew and Geoff will illustrate how they leveraged web development backgrounds to transition to iOS. 

This session will touch on getting started in iOS development, transitioning to more advanced projects, and how to approach both application and game development for iOS. For a sample iOS application completed by Andrew and Geoff please check out JRX - The Joe Rogan Experience; this podcast app has been downloaded over 50,000 times.

Register at www.diglondon.ca to learn from Andrew and Geoff, themselves. Only 1 day left!

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                                                                                                       Trisha Beausaert

London’s tech industry represents more than 3% of the area’s workforce, making the number of individuals working in that sector over 8000. Southwestern Ontario is quickly becoming identified as a niche market, with local colleges, universities, and vocational schools turning out talented students, and experienced professionals moving into the city for its celebrated quality of life. This very capable labour force is employed by more than 300 London tech companies that support the market for a wide variety of sectors, such as:

  • ·         Digital interactive game development
  • ·         Website publishing and development
  • ·         Automotive design, manufacturing, and tech products
  • ·         Digital imaging and photography
  • ·         Content creation ie. films, television, blogs
  • ·         Recreation and entertainment tech products
  • ·         IT services and products
  • ·         Household software
  • ·         Design technology
  • ·         Banking and financial software
  • ·         Medical technology and equipment
  • ·         Various subsectors of manufacturing

 Hot on the heels of DIG, the Technology Electronics Show(TES) on November 16th & 17th, will strive to support and showcase a vast number of tech companies, industries, subsectors, services, and products that make up the blossoming tech corridor that is rising up around us at a rapid and inspiring rate in London, Ontario.  

The first show of its kind in Southwestern Ontario, TES is hosted by the Western Fair District and partnered with the London Chamber of Commerce, the London Economic Development Corporation, DIG, the Ontario ElectronicStewardship, Microcad Computer Corporation, Attache Group Inc., the OnEdgeNetwork, and TechAlliance. Expected to draw nearly 5000 attendees in the form of tech-savvy consumers, students, industry experts, and area business representatives, the tech and electronics show is built to support a Consumer Zone, a Business Zone, and a Gaming Zone that is sponsored by London-based G2PO

In conjunction with seminars and VIP speakers Peter White, CEO of the London Economic Development Corporation, and technology journalist and analyst Carmi Levy, over 100 exhibitors will be present at TES to share new technology and innovations, while also offering the opportunity to test new products and network with companies and delegates.

With web and game professionals in town and geared up with DIG, and TES bringing together the industry experts and public, the Technology Electronics Show is in the ideal position to be a smashing success in its inaugural year, as well as the  perfect complement to a week of celebrating the vast tech industry in Southwestern Ontario. 

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[SPEAKER] Eric Vardon, Founder & CEO of Arcane, Tells us "The Truth about Marketing & ROI"

Name: Eric Michael Vardon

Organization: Arcane

Title: Founder and CEO

Bio: Over the past 15 years, Eric Vardon has created three successful businesses and led award-winning campaigns for a broad range of market leaders including AOL, Bridgestone, General Motors, GoodLife Fitness, The Hearst Company, Laura Secord, Popular Mechanics and Wired Magazine.

As Founder of Canadian clothing brand AllMaple Apparel, Eric grew the venture from initial concept into two retail flagship stores, a national wholesale division and a global E-commerce store. At its peak, AllMaple featured on MTV, Much Music, The Juno Awards, and in a national partnership with Molson Breweries. 

Currently, Vardon is the Founder and CEO of Arcane – a new breed of marketing agency that combines digital innovation and brand storytelling to deliver ROI-obsessed marketing campaigns.

2:15 to 3:30pm Salon C

TOPIC: The Truth about Marketing & ROI

Digital life has changed marketing, and marketers have many new tools and tactics at their disposal.  Never before have so many companies gotten it wrong.  

Eric will discuss methods to define a marketing mix based on target audience profiles and business needs, in addition to strategies that link campaigns to ROI-focused outcomes.

Check out the schedule for DIG at www.diglondon.ca to plan your day and to read the breakdowns on any and all sessions and workshops that catch your eye. 

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[SPEAKER] John Goodwin, Professor at Durham College, Leads Discussion on Death of PC Gaming

 Name: John Goodwin

Organization: Durham College

Title: Professor, Game Development

Bio: John has been a Professor at Durham College for 10 years, leading the creation of Durham’s Game Development Program. His focus is Level and Environment Design, including modelling, shader development, world building, lighting and post processing. John also created Durham College’s History of Video Games course, taking a look at the past 40 years of the games industry, how it has evolved and the way society adopts, and plays games as part of our culture.

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm Theatre

TOPIC: Is PC Gaming Dead?

Are these the end of days for your killer desktop gaming rig? What is the driving force changing the way we play games?

Sales of desktop computers are in significant decline over the last few years. Your killer desktop PC is the most powerful gaming rig available, no question. So why are fewer people buying them, instead taking a different route? We’ve all heard the PC vs Console debate; the surprise is the clear winner seems to be neither. There’s a tiny alternative, and it’s completely changing the way we think about games. The bigger question is, why?

DIG is basically here! Tomorrow is the VIP Welcome Reception, and then Wednesday is the BIG DIG day! Don't miss out on incredible keynotes. renowned speakers, invaluable workshops, the interactive DIGx room, the opportunity to sell yourself to 4 local tech companies (Canada's Got Game Talent- register here), and the closing keynote and networking reception, the Inter Mingle- complete with the famous DIG photobooth. 

The only way to access all of this goodness is if you register- do it now, before it's just a regret.

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