Tuesday, September 11, 2012

[SPEAKER] Arkadium's Daniel Sennet on "Finance for Independent Game Developers"

Name:  Daniel Sennet

Organization: Arkadium: a top game development studio in New York City.  With the world’s largest Flash game library for every imaginable genre, Arkadium reaches over 9 million unique users each month with casual, mobile, social, and Windows 8 games. Distributing to Facebook CNN, MSN, Discovery, HSN, Lifetime, ESPN, and AARP, the company also has offices in Simferopol, Ukraine and Toronto, Canada.

Title: Director of Operations

Bio: Daniel Sennet joined Arkadium in 2006 as the Business Manager responsible for overseeing all administrative, finance, and Human Resource functions.  Daniel has years of experience as a Brand Manager at Capital One Financial, and as an Operations Analyst at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Website link: www.arkadium.com

TOPIC: Finance for Independent Game Developers

What are the options for financing your game? Is there any venture capital around?  How does the OMDC help? What’s an angle investor? What about SR&ED tax credits? Listen to a panel of successful and experienced independent game developers and service providers as they describe the options for financing a game in the current development climate. Learn about what works and what doesn’t.

Want to hear what Daniel and our other speakers have to say on November 14th? Registration for DIG is now open! Register for the event with Early Bird pricing here.

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