Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[KEYNOTE] Don Daglow, Daglow Entertainment

Name: Don Daglow

Organization: Daglow Entertainment 

Title: President and Creative Director 

Bio: Don Daglow's career in game design began in 1971 (before Pong), and he has been designing online titles since 1987 (before the Internet). He is the only executive in the history of the games industry to lead development teams on every generation of video game consoles.  His work was selected for an Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering in 2008 for his creation of Neverwinter Nights, the first graphical MMORPG. He also received the CGE Award in 2003 for "groundbreaking achievements that shaped the Video Game Industry."

Website: http://www.daglowentertainment.com/

Want to hear what Don and our other speakers have to say on November 14th? Registration for DIG is now open! Register for the event with Early Bird pricing here.

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