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Top 10 Reasons to Attend DIG London 2012


  1. SHARE
At DIG, professionals, industry experts, students, school representatives, and local amateurs connect at DIG with the explicit purpose to SHARE; Share ideas, announcements, how-to’s, products, and information in every kind of digitally-interactive format possible. With such a diverse audience, DIG becomes the ideal marketplace to release new products and to create buzz about advancements and future projects. As well, the DIG audience is a microcosm of the general industry machine, so this is the place to go to get a feel for the evolution of the digital interactive and gaming professions while promoting your company or yourself.


Fredrik Liligren has raised millions to develop innovative games

Speakers such as Jonathon Snook, Designer at Shopify, Don Daglow, President & Creative Director at Daglow Entertainment, Daniel Sennet, Director of Operations at Arkadium, Jean-Guy Niquet, Director of Arkadium Canada, and Sagan Yee, Animator at Saganimation, are among the ensemble of experts who were carefully selected to  impart their wisdom and share their reflections on the industry on November 14th

Panellists Joey DeVilla (Microsoft), Rob Blahura (Electronic Arts), Greg Thompson (Big Viking Games) and Bryce Hunter (Big Blue Bubble) discuss the social gaming paradigm

The conference is organized into three tracks- Game, Web, and ExplodeCode. DIG isn’t about just one idea or theme; it is built for all of the attendees to enjoy as they celebrate and explore Ontario’s digital interactive and gaming industry. Open-platform panels, such as “The 50 Minute Scrum,” “Finance for Independent Game Developers,” and “Press ‘A’ To Jump: Animation and Interactivity” will be open to DIG pass-holders to sit in on throughout the day. 

The DIGx room is unique to DIG London. A distinctive space that holds all of the wonder  and awe of a toy store to a young child, DIGx is the place to go to play and test out new games, mind-boggling technology, web development tricks, and be reassured that the digital interactive industry is the coolest one to work in.


Connecting here with colleagues, industry pioneer Michael Schmalz, of Digital Extremes, is a founding member of the DIG conference

Exchanging ideas and contacts with individuals is just as meaningful as making yourself known to companies. It is also less intimidating. Networking with other attendees is a great way to warm up and start conversations before approaching the companies exhibiting at DIG. Building on that contact is the way to set a positive foundation for the day, and for your career. 


 The Canadian rock stars of the industry are all gathered under one roof, giving attendees the ideal opportunity to mingle, ask questions, and build new contacts with successful and well-known companies. At DIG, the companies present to exhibit their projects and innovative ideas want to network with YOU as well, making the conference unlike any other networking opportunity you may have had in the past. Some of the companies want to share what they have been working on, looking for feedback or to drum up interest, while others are looking to round out their talent pools, which means that you, our DIG attendee, are a rock star too. 



       Amateur developers can showcase and talk face-to-face with local companies. Such a connection has its perks; Companies are often eager to give meaningful advice and point you in the right direction. There is also a “Portfolio Pitch Opportunity”- known as Canada's Got Game Talent- with local tech companies. For students who have questions concerning the industry, they can chat with individuals from various communities, levels in their companies, and stages in their careers, and then get information from school exhibitors concerning applications and degrees.



DIG is special. It’s the place where web and game developers come together to share their innovative work and explore new tools. Attendees are encouraged to play with the new technology and games. Students can have their work looked at by local, supportive professionals. And, make things even sweeter, amidst all of the sharing, caring, new collaborations, and professional goals, outlandish pictures in the DIG photo booth with your friends and co-workers are also encouraged. Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy already? 

Event sponsors  Slant Six Games welcomed the “melding of the minds” at DIG

DIG’s partners are engaging and specialized; they are the industry groups and conferences you care most about throughout the year. DIG is aligned with some of the top Canadian brands, collaborating on and sharing the goals of the digital interactive and gaming fields. Working with, and mutually supporting, such brands and companies as TAAFI, GamerPops, Toronto Thumbs, Digifest, Fluxible, GamesdayPodcast, and TES, DIG is invested in bringing together all of the working parts of the industry, just for you.

LEDC’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Kadie Ward, Aggie Armstrong,President & Principal Photographer at A Squared Aperture Media Ltd, and Founder & Producer of Web.i.sodes, Adam Caplan, support DIG.

Throughout the year, many professionals and keen students are faced with making the decision on which industry events to attend. There are a lot of great Canadian conferences out there. However, potential attendees are forced to choose between conferences that are equally significant, but that focus on different, specialized topics. This is where DIG comes in. Offering programming for a wide audience, and touching on as many planes of the business of web and game development as possible, while still maintaining a structured, relevant event, DIG doesn’t force a choice; it satisfies everyone’s needs.

Register for DIG London 2012 at diglondon.ca. It’s a win-win for you, your business, and your future. 

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