Thursday, June 24, 2010

NextGen Player – Canada’s Premier Gaming Blog

If you haven’t checked out NextGen Player, now is the time because this industry blog will be at DIG London.  As one of Canada’s top gaming blogs, NextGen Player is dedicated to informing viewers about the newest game releases, game reviews, and hot industry buzz. The site began in April 2008; managing partners Paul Hunter’s and Andrew Shin’s vision was to create a website devoted to sharing exciting Canadian-centric gaming news with the rest of the world.
From their website:
“Each month tens of thousands of gamers across the globe visit NextGen Player for the hottest Canadian gaming stories. Our site features coverage of breaking Canadian video game news, coverage of live Canadian gaming events, video game previews & reviews, highlights of Canadian game promotions and retail sales, as well as coverage of Canadian game sales data & research.
NextGen Player is a site focused on bringing together gamers and fostering a community that is active and engaging. Our coverage focuses first and foremost on Canadian gaming culture with broad appeal to both the hardcore and the casual gamer.”
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