Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here's some more information regarding London's bid for the new Digital Media Centre we mentioned a little while back. One of the key players in the bid partnership is the Tech South East firm based in Moncton, New Brunswick. The organization recognizes that the development of a centre of this caliber would serve as a "significant step in improving the access to commercialization resources for digital interactive game technology developers across Canada." Incorporated in 2009, Tech South East's mission is to accelerate the growth of innovation-based entrepreneurship and economic development, with a vision of a dynamic and growing technology industry driven by effective collaboration and cooperation between the business community, the academic and research community, and the government sector.

Tech South East's membership includes a number of companies from New Brunswick's vibrant digital media, gaming and animation sector. They believe that the development of the Centre in London will "not only enhance the development of these regional partners, but contribute to the broader national objectives of the industry"

Tech South East sees the establishment of the Digital Centre as "an exciting step forward for Canada's digital interactive game development industry and it's future competitiveness". A key component to the development and future success of the Centre in London is the collaboration of industry representatives on a national scale, coast-to-coast. Tech South East's endorsement of the bid is a major step forward in realizing that goal. Pin It

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