Monday, August 30, 2010

Dan Rickard Leading Animation Workshop at DIG 2010

Dan Rickard is joining the DIG 2010 line-up to provide delegates with an Animation Workshop.  Dan is an accomplished 3d artist specializing in animation and character design.  He has worked on dozens of games including Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, Borderlands, Army of Two 40th Day, Hulk, Wanted, Blacksite, Sacred 2, and most of the Battlefield series.

Over the past 11 years Dan has worked at every artistic stage of game development with DICE Canada and has also been Art Manager and Animation Lead at Redjade. While freelancing through contract work Dan has recently begun instructing at Fanshawe College where he teaches introductory and advanced 3d Animation and Character Design.  His course focuses on modeling, texturing, and animation.

In his session, Animation Workshop: Character Creation Dan will use game development tools Mudbox, 3ds, and Photoshop for character creation.  Delegates will learn to develop a high poly sculpt, a low poly mesh, map creation and texturing, Lip Sync animation, and full body animation of biped characters interacting in a fight sequence.  The workshop will take place Friday November 19th as part of the DIG 2010 Conference. You can register online for the conference workshop. Pin It

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