Monday, September 13, 2010

Side Effects Software @ DIG 2010

Dr. Salvini, Side Effects Software
Chief Technology Officer and VP of Canadian Operations for Side Effects Software, Dr. Paul Salvini has joined the DIG 2010 lineup of speakers. Side Effects software has been a global leader in the development of 3D animation and visual effects software.  The company's Houdini software has been used in hundreds of blockbuster films including Terminator Salvation and nine of the past eleven films to receive the Oscar for Visual Effects. Dr. Salvini leads a two-time academy award winning team of computer scientists and mathematicians who are passionate about advancing the art and science of computer graphics.
Sife Effects Software in Terminator franchise

Salvini's session Going Proceduaral: A Better Way to Make Better Games will talk about how Side Effects Software's approach has made it possible for movies to achieve more realistic effects and improve efficiency and the management of digital assets.  Salvini argues that with next generation games on the verge of achieving feature film quality within the game engine, procedural techniques will offer a new way of thinking that could revolutionize the game development process! Check out the DIG 2010 program for more information Pin It

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