Monday, July 16, 2012

TAAFi Event - Recap

The Toronto Animation Arts FestivalInternational (TAAFI) had its inaugural event this past weekend July 6 – July 8: and it was awesome. The first day we were shown a fantastic animated film “RonalThe Barbarian”. The film was a great way to kick off the event With a VIP Party to follow.

My main purpose was to attend the panel on Animation in Gaming. The panel was very educational and responsive to questions. The panellists were indie developers, who have work experience with AAA developers. The panel consisted of Ryan Henson Creighton, Jay Edry, Matt Hammill, Catherine Feraday Miller, and Miguel Sternberg. Everyone in the panel was quite knowledgeable and provided a lot of key information on how animation takes a key role in the development of a video game. The panelists also shed some light on how animation is critical for making a game run smoothly, effectively, while at the same time making the movements look incredible. I wasn’t aware of the amount of frames and minute details that can change the way in which a game is played.  

The panel and the event provided a lot of information on the different aspects of animation, and gaming as a business. Stay tuned for more information about TAAFI working with DIG!


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