Thursday, July 19, 2012


Vikas Sharma

Electronic sports (e-sports) is a general term to describe the play of video games competitively. These “e-sports” are not specifically sports games, but rather, video games across several genres, such as fighting games (ex. Street Fighter), first-person and third-person shooter games (ex. Counter Strike), sports games (ex. Madden) and real-time strategy games (ex. Starcraft). These games are played tournament-style online, or at local spots with big screens for a larger, present audience. The competitive nature and opportunity for widespread, simultaneous viewership is the reason why these games are termed “e-sports.”
E-sports as a form of entertainment has grown substantially over the past few years. About two years ago, watching tournament footage was only possible through pre-recorded YouTube videos. With a growing viewership and interest, websites such as Twitch TV have emerged to provide a medium to watch live matches.

My first glimpse into the world of tournament gaming came from watching EVO 2010 online. I became interested in EVO after witnessing the famous Daigo vs. Justin Wong comeback. The video of Daigo’s comeback is inserted below.

E-sports has grown into a spectator sport. Many individuals who may not be up to par to challenge top-tier tournament players are still able to enjoy tournaments of fighting and real-time strategy games. Before EVO 2010, you would not find me sitting at my PC waiting for my favourite tournament series to begin. However after watching a few of the online tournaments, I have become addicted to following them and I am always looking forward to the next time my favourite tournament series will be up and running.

E-Sports has changed the gaming industry in a major way, and it does not seem likely it will be slowing down in its progression any time soon.

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