Thursday, September 27, 2012

[PANEL] Sagan Lee Moderates for "Press ‘A’ To Jump: Animation and Interactivity"

Panel Title : Press ‘A’ To Jump: 
Animation and Interactivity

Panel Description:

"Press ‘A’ To Jump" explores the importance of animation, design, and storytelling in game design and development as seen and experienced by a panel of successful traditional animators who have made the successful ‘leap’ into gaming. This panel is co-presented by TAAFI, the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International.

Moderator: Sagan Yee

Title: Animator

 Organization: Saganimation


Sagan Yee is a recent graduate of Sheridan College's Classical Animation program, where she made a four-minute film in Flash about a malfunctioning particle accelerator that causes mini black holes to consume Toronto. Her first introduction to Toronto's indie game community was as a participant and later co-coordinator of the Difference Engine Initiative, a woman-focused game-making incubator run by and the Hand Eye Society. Currently, Sagan divides her working life between the TIFF Film Reference Library, freelancing on a variety of projects ranging from kid's flash games, t-shirt designs, and animating on Disney's Motorcity. She spends her free time dabbling, scheming, and ruminating.

Twitter handle: @SaganYee



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