Monday, October 15, 2012

[SPEAKER] Emma Jane Hogbin and Work Flow for Solo Developers & Small Teams

Name: Emma Jane Hogbin

Organization: HICK Tech: a boutique consulting agency in rural Canada. With cowboy boots. Red cowboy boots. Led by internationally renowned open source software advocate and technical author, Emma Jane Hogbin, HICK Tech focuses on transparent business practices and open source tools that make technology accessible.

 Title: Author / Trainer

Bio: Emma Jane Hogbin has been working as a web developer since 1996, and as an open source technical trainer since 2001. In the classroom, her infectious enthusiasm and jargon-free examples put even the greatest technophobes at ease. She’s written two books about Drupal, drinks Scotch, and keeps bees. These things are probably unrelated.

Track: Web, Salon E, 10:45 – 12:00pm

Twitter: @emmajanedotnet

TOPIC:  Work Flow for Solo Developers and Small Teams

 Is your project folder filled with files like this: page.old.2c-revised.bak? Does Git make you angry inside? Do you resent that everyone, except you, regularly visits the magical place referred to as "The Command Line"? Are you afraid of the vagrant who stole your puppet? 

Time to join the cult-of-the-efficient in our gentle introduction to working efficiently as a modern web developer.

The lecture will be split into three parts:

1. A developer's environment. aka where is my command line and what do I do there? 

Includes: Emma Jean's top 10 command line tools from when she first met The Command Line (and which she still uses regularly).

2. The basics of Git, applied to small team (and solo developer) work flow. 

Includes: versioning your work and merging your code with someone else's.

3. Popular developer tools for larger teams.

Includes: just enough information for you to decide what’s worth investigating and what might be too much overhead for your team right now.

Emma Jane has useful tips for you in regard to Work Flow for Solo Developers and Small Teams on November 14th. However, the only way you can get access to her invaluable wisdom is if you attend DIG London 2012! 
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